Codes of conduct also help in open labs or adult maker spaces and can support the creation of a collaborative culture and a good working environment. This agreement establishes rules on how each individual should behave in the workspace for everyone to have a good atmosphere for building, fiddling, and sharing knowledge and constructive criticism. These Codes of conduct are usually known from rule books used in class councils.  For the duration of the project, all participants agree on common rules, which have to be understood by everyone and placed visibly in the room, so everyone can refer back to them in case of conflict The initially discussed joint agreement creates identification and cohesion and ensures an agile and participatory atmosphere in a MONSTER LAB. 
Short description
Codes of conduct also help in open labs or adult maker spaces and can support the creation of a collaborative culture and a good working environment. This agreement establishes rules on how each individual should behave in the workspace for everyone to have a good atmosphere for building, fiddling, and sharing knowledge and constructive criticism.
code of conduct


Target audience
Group size
5 to 30
Age group
8 to 12
Time frame
15 to 30 minutes