Short description
This exercise will engage the group in finding a common purpose and spark them to solve the problem together.
crazy wishes


Target audience
Group size
up to 30
Age group
Time frame
60 - 100 min.
  1. Think about what motivates you, what interest you and what you would like to change to make it even more interesting/better. Write down your craziest wishes on sticky notes.
  2. Leave some time to overview your wishes. Pick your top 3 and put them somewhere other people can see them as well.
  3. If you do this by yourself you might want to add a piece of paper for people to give you feedback, maybe even find someone who would be willing to change the world with you.
  4. In group you can reflect on the different wishes by having a group talk. Keep in mind that if you have a bigger group, the time you spend on discussing the wishes might take longer so you might want to cut it down to only one wish per person.
sticky notes