The participants design their own virtual reality with analogue materials and learn can look at their own designs with VR-glasses and a smartphone.
Short description
Draw a sketch of a 360 degree image!
design in 360 degrees


Target audience
Group size
up to 5 people for bigger printout
Age group
6 - 12
Time frame
30 - 60 min.
  1. participants get a clear instruction how the grid is to be used (what is on top and at bottom of the cube)
  2. first sketches and tests with small print-outs (DIN A4) to get comfortable with the grids
  3. upload at, looking at the 360 degree images
  4. big printouts of the grids for the prototyping session (DIN A1)
  5. upload at, looking at the 360 degree images, doing refinements
small printouts of for everyone (
big print outs for bigger group
one VR cardboard google and smartphone per e.g. 8 kids (to upload and look at the designs)
english croatian