Participation is always voluntary, but a rule must be followed: All children (present in the room) should behave calmly. The room should be cozy and not too cool, but still well ventilated. Avoid interference from the outside (for example with a "do not disturb" sign).  The participants are lying on the floor (with their pillow) or whatever way they feel comfortable. Breathing is particularly important. Starting with a few strong breaths, the breathing should become calm and even. Finally, the eyes are closed. The attitude of the instructor must radiate peace, there are no requirements or tasks for the children.  Storyteller reads the story.
Short description
Fantasy journeys, also known as dream or fairytale journeys, count as guided associations with the imaginative processes. They invite the audience to gently direct their mindfulness and concentration, to embark on a positive journey of thought with the help of a narrator. In the Do-IT context they can serve as a rest and relaxation unit and at the same time are a good complement to active phases of idea development and prototyping.
fantasy journey


Target audience
Group size
4 to 25
Age group
5 to 12
Time frame
45 to 80