Short description
A different pair of eyes might see something that a participant is not aware of regarding his idea/prototype. Why are you building this prototype?
hidden assumptions


Target audience
Group size
2 - 4 people per group
Age group
Time frame
30 - 90 min.
  1. Have a look at your (team’s) prototype and write down a list of assumptions you have made during the development, e.g. You’re making a robot for children because you assume children like robots. Or you’re making a talking garbage can because you’re assuming people like to be thanked for recycling
  2. Now think about what if this were not the case, e.g. What if children do not like robots and people are afraid of talking garbage cans?
  3. Rate the assumptions according to impact they might have on the further development (10 = the most impact, 1 = the lowest impact)
  4. Rank them from high to low and discuss in your team whether and how you will address this problems
  5. Repeat this throughout the ideation if and when needed