Short description
When someone has an idea that might change the world, they also need supporters .. and money. The participants should learn how to sell their idea to others.
pitch your idea


Target audience
Group size
up to 30, in smaller groups of 3
Age group
Time frame
30 min.
  1. Within their group, the participants assign 3 roles: entrepreneur, investor and a bank.
  2. The entrepreneur should pitch his/her idea to the investor and the bank
  3. All group members have received the same amount of money - the goal is that the entrepreneur gets money from the bank and the investor for further development of the idea
  4. At the end of the pitch the investor and the bank have decided whether or not and how much money they will put in a closed envelope
  Shift roles so that everyone in the group can pitch their ideas. The winner is the one with the most budget. Additional idea: Give entrepreneurs the chance to invest their own budget in their own idea!
big pieces of paper
fake money