Picture the problem you want to tackle in a way that it becomes clear and compelling enough to make other people care so much they want to help solving the problem. This exercise will engage the group in finding a common purpose and spark them to solve the problem together.
Short description
Make a presentation to share your project with others.
DOIT video


Target audience
Group size
2 - 5 people per group
Age group
Time frame
120 min.
  1. Children are asked to develop a sketch for a video presentation of their products
  2. Products are filmed in action and described by the children concerning
    1. who needs them
    2. what is so special
    3. what is new
    4. why this should be developed further/bought/supported
  3. Videos are uploaded at Youtube
  Please be aware of the privacy rights of the children. It is better to show only the prototypes and not the faces of the children. E.g. the camera can show the prototype and the hands of the children who are explaining their product.
smartphone/digital cams
video apps
an account on Youtube