Short description
Inventing something is great, but every person should be also able to present it in a short and precise way so that the user can easily understand what the purpose of the invention is about. The end results should be a 'promotion video' the kids can watch, see where they need to improve, rework and possibly publish.


Target audience
Group size
team presentation
Age group
Time frame
15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes filming
1. Explain to children the importance of presenting their own ideas. 2. Ask them to take 15 minutes and think about how they could explain and promote some externals. i.e. They have to consider for whom is this product, which problem does it solve and whom to address if somebody is interested in the invention. 3. The group has one test filming before they do the final video 4. Show the group their film and discuss with them what could be done better (ie. are there any missing parts? Have you explained correctly?, What would they change?) Time frame 15 minutes. (optional) 5. publish the video (Important: Please note you need agreement from the parents!!)
the prototype for demonstrating
video camera or smartphone for filming
english croatian slovenian