Short description
Sometimes we find ourselves in need of fine tuning our ideas based on the tools and resources we have. Designing a prototype based on resources makes you think about recycling and using materials that we already own.
what do we need?


Target audience
Group size
up to 30, individual or small groups
Age group
Time frame
60 min.
The participants have an idea about something that they want to build, now comes the difficult challenge of actually building it. To make something, you need tools and resources. Looking for resources can be an expensive challenge. It is also about making costs before knowing something will actually work out. To get a better view on the budget, time etc we need to make a checklist. It is crucial that this checklist is as accurate as possible.
  1. Select 3 ways you might like to build your prototype. Put these on top of a piece of paper.
  2. On the left of each paper write the following “need”-categories:
    1. Material
    2. Knowledge
    3. Skills
  3. Discuss with your team what you already have for each build - write it in the correct space. Discuss what you might lack and where you are able to find it.
  4. Define costs of the things you might lack. According to the cost you add a number from 1 (low-budget) to 5 (costly). Add the totals per budget. You now know which build will require you to find more resources that you do not own already.
The build with the lowest score will be the most cost-efficient.
inventory/access to building materials/storage