Kanban Board

In order to guide the teams from an idea finding phase into a phase of practical work, a Kanban board helps. The three to-do lists (TO DO - DOING  - DONE) help the children organize themselves. 

Fantasy Journey

Participation is always voluntary, but a rule must be followed: All children (present in the room) should behave calmly. The room should be cozy and not too cool, but still well ventilated. Avoid interference from the outside (for example with a "do not disturb" sign).  The participants are lying on the floor (with their pillow) or whatever way they feel comfortable. Breathing is particularly important. Starting with a few strong breaths, the breathing should become calm and even. Finally, the eyes are closed.

Tablet Rallye

In order to make the statements of the children and their prototypes even stronger and to underpin the functional ideas with factual knowledge, a tablet really is a great way. The really is a small in-depth learning journey that includes topics such as plastic waste, pollution of the oceans, recycling and climate change.

From Social games to data (manual)

Although climate change, the need for careful use of energy or rare materials has a visible presence in off- and online media, engagement levels among youths are still very heterogeneous. Game development is one way to draw in youths who are not overly concerned about climate change but could still contribute to alleviating the situation. Game development has the advantage that there is a literally playful interaction with the problem.

Art Bot

Build your own robot artist, a drawing robot that can spin or shake in circles to create amazing patterns. Put together the robot with the materials listed. There are multiple ways to build the robot, so feel free to experiment. What worked best for you? What different kinds of effects can you create? More information is available online from the links below. Get creative! Set your drawing robots free on a giant sheet of paper to create a large piece of art together.