Smart cardboard prototype

Think about a challenge you want to solve, using an IoT solution. With the "sensors" on the kit you can build your prototype and check the functionalities of your device, without the need to access real sensors or electronics. This way you can see what features your prototype should have and if it would work the way you would like to.


To generate ideas in a group setting. It is used at the beginning where the topic in general or the possibilities of the project are not clearly understood or defined. At the end of the brainstorming session, the participants should have an understanding about the topic and ideas for further work in the project.

Co-Designing an Action

The participants are asked to talk about certain SDGs and how this is related to their life/environment. During this discussion, everything is documented (written down and/or visualized, if possible). After the different issues are identified, the participants get to vote on the topics (e.g. each participant gets 5 stickers) for the topic they find the most important or most interesting personally.