Journey map

The framework of the Journey Map can help you think through key moments for a person as he or she will experience your solution. Consider how they first becomes aware of the solution, how they make a decision to try it, what their first interaction and engagement is like, how they might become a repeat user, and how the solution might ultimately impact their life. As a user begins to benefit from your idea, how could they tell other people about it? A Journey Map should help you to visualize a person’s experience from beginning to end.

Board games

The board games workshop / exercise is used to approach an issue or problem from a different angle. What could be a solution if you would approach the issue with the rules and regulations that you would face in a board game?

Paint a picture

There are multiple formats for visualizations. It can be a story shaped like a comic book (like those storyboards for films and television). But it can also be a set of screens for an app. Or parts of a map, that together form one big picture. It can be 2D or 3D, you can use Lego, or other construction materials. The point is: ‘paint a picture’ of what your idea entails. So find a format that is most fitting to your case, and either find a template or create your own framework.

Street vote

  Connect with people on the street in an easy, low-cost, and data-driven way by making interactive interventions in the public space. Passers by can respond in a fun way to enticing and inspiring questions, and you get some nice data to work with.