Here you find helpful materials to build your idea and instructions to use new techniques.


Waste In My School (manual)

The children researched, analysed and identified a waste challenge in their school, connected to the theme Nature and environment. They then developed ideas to solve the issues they found. They worked with recycling material and combined it with LEGO WeDo robots.

Wearabl-E: open lab (manual)

WEARABL-E: open lab introduces the participants into the world of wearable technology and e-textiles: history, art projects, application in sports, medicine and entertainment industry etc. During the eight introductory workshops the participants reproduce eight DIY wearable prototypes which introduce different techniques, electronics, possible uses, materials, and tools. The participants explore the electrical properties of materials, traditional and contemporary craft techniques while building electronics that emphasize materiality and process.

Tinkerer Smart Home (Manual)

The workshop aimed for combining maker skills with social entrepreneurship. Making was centred around physical computing skills as well as prototyping first solutions. Most of the kids have an emotional link with issues in their environment thus it is a great way to get them into first programming, linking to entrepreneurship, environmental thinking and societal responsibility in a compelling way.

Kanban Board

In order to guide the teams from an idea finding phase into a phase of practical work, a Kanban board helps. The three to-do lists (TO DO - DOING  - DONE) help the children organize themselves. 

Fantasy Journey

Participation is always voluntary, but a rule must be followed: All children (present in the room) should behave calmly. The room should be cozy and not too cool, but still well ventilated. Avoid interference from the outside (for example with a "do not disturb" sign).  The participants are lying on the floor (with their pillow) or whatever way they feel comfortable. Breathing is particularly important. Starting with a few strong breaths, the breathing should become calm and even. Finally, the eyes are closed.