Have you ever seen a criminal story? If a crime is investigated, the police gathers all the information they have about the crime scene. They take pictures of evidence, pin the information on a board and build connections. This helps to take everything into consideration!
Short description
Make your own investigation board for your idea.
investigation board


Target audience
Step 1: Maybe you already have a pinboard in your room. If not, build one out of paper and pin it to a free wall. Step 2: Think of a challenge or a problem you noticed in your environment and you want to find a solution for. Step 3: Who is affected by the problem? Make notes, draw or take pictures of the affected people! Think about what they want and need. Step 4: Take a closer look at the problem and make notes of all aspects you can think of. Take pictures, draw, write, .. And pin it on your board! Step 5: If possible, interview the affected people. Specify the aspects - you can write your new insights in speech bubbles. StepĀ  6: Connect the evidence with strings. How are they connected? Does one aspect affect another? Can you think of a solution yet?